Reprint of one of my essays in Christianity (Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion)

My essay "'State of Mind' versus 'Concrete Set of Facts': The Contrasting of Transgender and Intersex in Church Documents on Sexuality", originally published in Theology & Sexuality in 2009, will be reprinted in the forthcoming edited volume Christianity, part of Ashgate's Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion series edited by Stephen Hunt of UWE. Publication is due for November 2010 so I expect I'll post about it again nearer the time.

It looks like a great collection and an excellent resource for teaching on Christianity and sexuality, covering topics as diverse as celibacy, sacraments, assisted reproduction, subliminal eroticism in charismatic worship (I wonder if the classic song "Jesus take me as I am, I can come no other way" will be referenced?!), intersex and transgender, and the social control of women's bodies in Mennonite communities! It includes reprints of well-known texts such as Rowan Williams' essay "The Body's Grace", as well as recent work by my esteemed friends Si├ón Taylder and David Nixon.