New paper in Journal of Religion, Disability and Health

I have a paper in the new issue of the Journal of Religion, Disability and Health. It's entitled "Asking About What is Better: Intersex, Disability, and Inaugurated Eschatology", and is a slightly adapted version of the text of the third annual Georgia Harkness Lecture which I delivered at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California in September 2012.

Intersex conditions, in which individuals’ bodies cannot be categorized as clearly male or female, might be figured as a non-pathological physical variation akin to an impairment. Such a comparison may be problematic in some respects, but debates surrounding sexuality and the ethics of prenatal testing demonstrate that parallels exist in the ways that intersex bodies and disabled bodies are understood. Juergen Moltmann’s work is used to argue that justice-oriented eschatological theologies for intersex people must figure their bodies non-pathologically, always asking about what is better, and that this focus might fruitfully include closer attention to the stories and testimonies of intersex people themselves.

KEYWORDS intersex, disability, eschatology, sexuality, prenatal testing, Moltmann