Thinking Again About Marriage: book launch and review

Thinking Again About Marriage: Key Theological Questions (SCM Press, 2016) was officially launched at the annual conference of the Society for the Study of Theology at St John's College, University of Durham earlier this week, in a reception co-sponsored by SCM Press and Westminster College, Cambridge. My co-editor John Bradbury and I were delighted that many of the other contributors could be there.
L-R: Frances Clemson, Ben Fulford, Mike Higton, Brett Gray, Rachel Muers, Julie Gittoes, John Bradbury, Susannah Cornwall. Not present: Raphael Cadenhead, Charlotte Methuen, Augur Pearce.
Adrian Thatcher has reviewed the collection for the new issue of Modern Believing. He says,

"One can only be thankful that a younger generation of British theologians has so creatively and imaginatively undertaken the task of ‘thinking again about marriage’. The authors may have concentrated too narrowly on the Church of England, its ‘lite’ pamphlet-style official documents on marriage, and its idolization of complementarity. However, perhaps this very lacuna, this deeply unsatisfactory and trite exposition of what marriage has to offer, has itself catalysed a rich and overdue reflection on what’s right with it as well as what’s wrong. One can only hope that these important essays will be allowed to re-clothe a tradition that recently has become threadbare."