Ekklesia report on Anglican Mainstream sexuality conference

I was quoted in a report by staff writers at Ekklesia, the religion and society think-tank, in response to comments made at last week's Anglican Mainstream conference in London.

A number of Christian campaigners have provoked controversy by encouraging churches to help people to “overcome” their attraction to members of their own sex. They have been criticised by other Christian groups and human rights activists.
The campaigners developed their approach at a conference in London yesterday (21 January), entitled What can I possibly say? – Pastoral responses to today’s sexual confusion. It was organised by Anglican Mainstream with the support of other groups such as Christian Concern For Our Nation (CCFON).
Speakers at the event included a number of people who define themselves as “ex-gay”, such as Phelim McIntyre, who says that he is now “happily heterosexual” ...
When questioned about intersex people (those whose sex is ambiguous at birth), McIntyre said that intersex was a “very unique situation” that was “actually quite rare”.
His approach was criticised by a theologian, Dr Susannah Cornwall of Exeter University, author of a forthcoming book on Christian responses to intersex issues. She said that intersex is “roughly as common” as Down’s syndrome or cystic fibrosis.
“The significance of intersex goes far beyond its statistical frequency, since it forces us to re-examine the whole notion of a binary sex system,” said Cornwall, “It is simply not possible to say with any certainty where the line between maleness and femaleness lies.”