Intersex, Identity and Disability: Call for Research Participants

I'm now beginning the next phase of my research project with the Lincoln Theological Institute, entitled Intersex, Identity and Disability: Issues for Public Policy, Healthcare and the Church.

In this phase of the project, I'll be carrying out original research into the interactions between intersex and faith identity. I'm currently seeking participants who would be willing to take part in this research, either by being interviewed or by filling in a questionnaire. The data I collect will be used in work which helps to increase awareness of the existence of intersex conditions and their implications for Christian theology. For example, anonymized quotations may be used in book chapters and journal articles for academic, church and general audiences, and communicated to people working in policy for the Christian denominations. The findings may also be used in training resources for healthcare chaplains who minister to intersex people and to the families of children born with intersex conditions/DSDs.

If you're someone who identifies as intersex and Christian (whether or not you currently belong to a church), are aged 18 or over, and live in Britain - or if you know someone else who fits these criteria and might be interested in taking part - please do visit the project website to find out more.