New publication in The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality

I have a chapter in Stephen J. Hunt and Andrew K.T. Yip's new edited volume, The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality. This is a hefty tome, coming in at over 330 pages. My own contribution is a bit more modest, and is a chapter entitled "To Know in the Biblical Sense? Abrahamic Religious Epistemologies of Sexuality and Gender" (p.15-30).

Other contributors:

Lisa Isherwood, "Feminist Critique of Sexuality and Religion"

Olu Jenzen and Sally R. Munt, "Queer Theory, Sexuality and Religion"

Asifa Siraj, "Looking 'In' from the 'Outside': The Methodological Challenges of Researching Minority Ethnic Gay Men and Lesbian Women"

Adrian Thatcher, "Reading About Sex in the Bible: Coping with Ambiguities"

Jane Anderson, "Competing Identities: Uniformity versus Diversity in the Roman Catholic Priesthood"

Dervla Shannahan, "Textual Queerings: Contesting Islam as Heteronormative Inheritance"

Kustiani Kustiani and Stephen J. Hunt, "Menstruation, Sexuality and Spirituality in Buddhism"

Anouka van Eerdewijk, "Virginity in a Multidimensional Perspective: Negotiating Pre-Marital Sex in Dakar"

Fida Sanjakdar, "Probing the Boundaries: How Religion and Sexuality are Negotiated Within Islamic Educational Institutions"

Michael Keenan, "Separating Church and God: An Exploration of Gay Clergymen's Negotiations with Institutional Church"

Alex Toft, "Bisexuality and Christianity: Negotiating Disparate Identities in Church Life"

David A.J. Richards, "Contextualizing Sexuality and Religiosity in Contemporary Social Changes"

Stphen J. Hunt, "The Queer Case of Hinduism: Religious Discourse and the Legitimacy of Non-Heterosexuality"

Heather Rachelle White, "Virgin Pride: Born Again Faith and Sexual Identity in the Faith-Based Abstinence Movement"

Sarah-Jane Page, Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip and Michael Keenan, "Risk and the Imagined Future: Young Adults Negotiating Religious and Sexual Identities"

Orit Avishai, "Contesting Sex-Restrictive Sexual Narratives from Within: Jewish Laws of Menstrual Purity and Orthodox Sexual Anxieties"

Simon Theobald, "'It's a Tefillin Date': Alternative Narratives of Orhodox Jewish Sexuality in the Digital Age"

Melissa Wilcox, "Contestations, Reinscriptions: Negotiating the Worlds of Sexuality and Religion in the United States"

Amunallah De Sondy, "Exploring Islamic Masculinities through the Qur'anic Adam"