Publication of paper in new issue of Practical Theology

A paper drawing on research which I've carried out as part of the Intersex, Identity, Disability: Issues for Public Policy, Healthcare and the Church project at the Lincoln Theological Institute, University of Manchester will appear in the new issue of Practical Theology. The full details are:

Cornwall, Susannah (2013), "British Intersex Christians' Accounts of Intersex Identity, Christian Identity and Church Experience", Practical Theology 6.2, 220-236

In the paper I show that, whilst some intersex Christians report very positive experiences in church, finding their congregations broadly supportive regardless of denomination, this does not mean that denominational responses to intersex are unimportant. Whilst a significant factor for intersex Christians' wellbeing and sense of positive identity seems to be their personal relationship with God, this does not mean good pastoral care should be left to chance. Not all intersex Christians want to be cast in the role of "native informants" who have to educate the people from whom they seek pastoral care and support. I suggest that closer engagement with intersex should form part of equalities and diversities training for ministers and other pastoral carers, and that intersex should also be taken into account in broader theological accounts of sex, gender and sexuality.

This paper includes excerpts from my interviews with intersex Christians in Britain which took place during 2012 as part of the project. Further publications drawing on these interviews will follow in due course.