New book: Intersex, Theology, and the Bible: Troubling Bodies in Church, Text and Society

You can now pre-order my new edited book, Intersex, Theology, and the Bible: Troubling Bodies in Church, Text and Society, due for publication with Palgrave Macmillan US later this summer.

The papers in this collection are based on those delivered at the Intersex, Theology and the Bible conference at the University of Manchester in March 2013. All but one of the contributors to the conference feature in the book; unfortunately, our friend Sally Gross of Intersex South Africa died while the volume was in preparation and it was not possible to include her piece.

The chapters are:

Introduction: Troubling Bodies? - Susannah Cornwall

Part I Biblical Approaches
1 Who Are You Calling a Eunuch?! Staging Conversations and
Connections between Feminist and Queer Biblical Studies
and Intersex Advocacy - Joseph A. Marchal
2 Virtuous Eunuchs: Troubling Conservative and Queer Readings
of Intersex and the Bible - Megan K. DeFranza
3 Hermaphrodites, Eunuchs, and Intersex People: The Witness of
Medical Science in Biblical Times and Today - John Hare

Part II Pastoral and Practical Approaches
4 A Pastoral Theological Reading of Middlesex - Nathan Carlin
5 Intersex and the Role of Religion on the Path to Health and
Well-Being - Stephen Craig Kerry

Part III Theological Approaches
6 Laws “Needefull in Later to Be Abrogated”: Intersex and the
Sources of Christian Theology - Susannah Cornwall
7 Intersex on Earth as It Is in Heaven - Patricia Beattie Jung

Afterword - John Hare

Prof Candida Moss of the University of Notre Dame says,
"In this rich and multi-dimensional study, Susannah Cornwall has shown that intersex is a critically important, theologically suggestive, and historically threatening category in the practice and study of religion. This examination of a neglected subject is required reading for anyone who cares about bodies, gender, or religion."


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