New paper in Spanish: "Perspectivas Teológicas Constructivas: ¿Qué Es La Teología Queer?"

Thanks to a wonderful translator, José Pérez Escobar, I have a Spanish-language piece in the new issue of Concilium. This is an introductory piece on queer theology, and is part of a special issue on  becoming the queer body of Christ, edited by Stefanie Knauss and Carlos Mendoza-Alvarez.

The full details are:

“Perspectivas Teológicas Constructivas: ¿Qué Es La Teología Queer?” (“Constructive Theological Perspectives: What is Queer Theology?”), trans. Escobar, José Pérez, Concilium 34.5 (2019), 661-674.

The Spanish-language homepage for Concilium is here, and the English-language site is here